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Core Set 2021 booster boxes, collectors boxes, bundles and Chandra Spellbook on pre-sale. Mechagodzilla/Hangarback Walker Foil BAB Promo & Reliquary Tower Foil Promo Details below.

We just got in our Mechagodzilla/Hangarback Walker Foil Promo cards. We have a very limited amount of these and you get 1 with the purchase of any in stock MTG sealed booster box that we have.
We also have the Reliquary Tower Foil Promo and you get 1 of these with the purchase of any in stock Commander Deck, Planewalker Deck, Signature Spellbook, or Duel Decks that we have.
Both promo’s are 1st come 1st served and last until supplies run out.
Please note this is for in stock product only and does not come with pre-orders.

Core Set 2021 booster boxes are on pre-sale for $109.99 and come with the Buy It By The Box promo card while supplies last.

Core Set 2021 Collectors Booster Boxes are on pre-sale for $229.99

Core Set 2021 Bundles are on pre-sale for $39.99

Signature Spellbook Chandra is on Pre-Sale for $17.99

Core Set 2021 Pre-Release kits on pre-sale for $26.00 & each comes with 1 Core set 2021 booster pack for prize support.

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New Eldersburg, MD location -Temporary hours due to Covid-19: Open Wednesday for new book day 2-7 pm and Saturday’s 11 am to 5 pm. Closed all other days.

Comics To Astonish, Inc. is proud to announce that we have outgrown our Mt. Airy location due to our ever expanding internet sales and have relocated to 1332 Londontown Blvd, Suite 110 Eldersburg, MD 21784.
Don’t worry folks our Columbia location which is going on 30 years is not moving.
Our new location will have a smaller store front and is located in
an office building that will allow us to hire new employees and expand
our internet operation. Once we get fully set up everything we have online will be housed at the Eldersburg location. If you see something
you would like to purchase on our web-site or Ebay pages you will be able to visit our Eldersburg location and purchase it there. This includes
our vast inventory of Magic The Gathering cards. Our goal is to have all of our inventory available on site by Black Friday this year.

We would like to thank all of the great customers and people we have met
over the last 5 years in Mt. Airy. It was a great experience!

If anyone has any questions or needs help finding us, please call the during business hours @ 301-829-1017 or you can call the Columbia location at 410-381-2732 or you can email Keegan at

Our New Eldersburg store hours are:

Sunday-Monday-Tuesday closed.
Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 2-8 pm
Saturday Closed

We look forward to expanding these hours very soon to accommodate all of our customers. Our phone is up and running and the same # as before. 301-829-107. You can also call Columbia @ 410-381-2732.

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Bloodshot #1 Comics To Astonish Exclusive Variant & Virgin Variant

Comics To Astonish Announces it latest Store Exclusive Variant Cover.
Bloodshot #1 with art by Felipe Massafera limited to 500 copies. We also
have a Virgin Variant cover limited to 150 copies. The only place to purchase these books is from Comics To Astonish in store, on our web-site or our Ebay store. This book also features the 1st appearance of a new Villian who I am not allowed to name yet but she just might be on the cover
Of our book.

You can purchase these books by following these links.

Comics To Astonish Exclusive Variant Limited to 500 Copies
Comics To Astonish Exclusive Virgin Variant Limited to 150 copies