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Core Set 2021 booster boxes, collectors boxes, bundles and Chandra Spellbook on pre-sale. Mechagodzilla/Hangarback Walker Foil BAB Promo & Reliquary Tower Foil Promo Details below.

We just got in our Mechagodzilla/Hangarback Walker Foil Promo cards. We have a very limited amount of these and you get 1 with the purchase of any in stock MTG sealed booster box that we have.
We also have the Reliquary Tower Foil Promo and you get 1 of these with the purchase of any in stock Commander Deck, Planewalker Deck, Signature Spellbook, or Duel Decks that we have.
Both promo’s are 1st come 1st served and last until supplies run out.
Please note this is for in stock product only and does not come with pre-orders.

Core Set 2021 booster boxes are on pre-sale for $109.99 and come with the Buy It By The Box promo card while supplies last.

Core Set 2021 Collectors Booster Boxes are on pre-sale for $229.99

Core Set 2021 Bundles are on pre-sale for $39.99

Signature Spellbook Chandra is on Pre-Sale for $17.99

Core Set 2021 Pre-Release kits on pre-sale for $26.00 & each comes with 1 Core set 2021 booster pack for prize support.

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