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MTG Store Championship

This event is limited to 10 players. Sign ups online only.

MTG Store Championship Saturday December 4 2021. Event is limited to 10 Players. Sign up Here.

Time: 12:00-12:15PM (Registration)Draft/Event begins at 12:20PM.  
Cost: $47 per person 
Capped at 10 players
Format: Booster Draft. Rounds: 4 rounds swiss if we get 9 or 10 players (instead of the normal 3).
3 packs to draft. 5 packs per player for prizes.  
Each person is guaranteed ONE Promo Pack
Every player will receive ONE box of Dragon Shield of their choice. 
Additional Championship Promos to give out.  
Players will NOT be allowed to bring their own sleeves OR their own binders/bookbags into the store during the event (to prevent cheating). 

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