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Eldersburg, MD Warehouse location: Limited Ours: Open Wednesday for new book day 2-7 pm and Saturday’s 12 Noon to 6 pm. Closed all other days.

Comics To Astonish, Inc. is proud to announce that we have outgrown our Mt. Airy location due to our ever expanding internet sales and have relocated to 1332 Londontown Blvd, Suite 110 (#106D) Eldersburg, MD 21784.
Don’t worry folks our Columbia location which is going on 30 years is not moving.
This is our Warehouse location so it will have limited hours.
Our new location will have a smaller store front and is located in
an office building that will allow us to hire new employees and expand
our internet operation. Once we get fully set up everything we have online will be housed at the Eldersburg location. If you see something
you would like to purchase on our web-site or Ebay pages you will be able to visit our Eldersburg location and purchase it there. This includes
our vast inventory of Magic The Gathering cards.
We would like to thank all of the great customers and people we have met
over the last 5 years in Mt. Airy. It was a great experience!

If anyone has any questions or needs help finding us, please call the during business hours @ 301-829-1017 or you can call the Columbia location at 410-381-2732 or you can email Keegan at

Our New Eldersburg store Is open 2 days a week and the hours are:

Sunday-Monday-Tuesday closed.
Wednesday 2-7 pm
Thursday-Friday closed.
Saturday 11 am- 5 pm

Our phone is number is the same # as before. 301-829-107. You can also call Columbia @ 410-381-2732.

4 thoughts on “Eldersburg, MD Warehouse location: Limited Ours: Open Wednesday for new book day 2-7 pm and Saturday’s 12 Noon to 6 pm. Closed all other days.

  1. Hello. I stopped by the Columbia location in February before things got crazy and the store manager mentioned the new location being opened soon. I was interested in looking through some old Magic commons and uncommon from earlier sets and I was told that I could schedule a visit but then the shut downs began. Now that regulations are being rolled back a bit do you have an idea of when I could safely schedule a visit to the store? Look forward to hearing back!

    240 388 8605

  2. Hey Eugene
    So sorry for the slow response. I somehow missed this. We have tons of singles to look through at the Eldersburg warehouse.
    That location has temporary hours of Wednesday’s 2-7 pm and Saturday’s 11 am to 5 pm. You enter the doors to the right of
    stratosphere and continue right past Cleaning Authority and you will find us.

  3. does the warehouse let me look through graded comics like in a comic convention or do I need a staff assistance to look?

  4. Hi

    No we do not let customers look through our boos in the warehouse section . We do have books out for people to look through in our store front area including are growing section of “reading copies” that go back as far as the Silver Age. You can email us at with want list and we can see if we have them.

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