War Of The Spark Pre-Release Event

War Of The Spark PRE-RELEASE Events Saturday April 27 & Sunday April 28, 2019. 

Both Columbia and Mount Airy locations!!

You can sign up @ either Comics To Astonish location or online to save your spot at anytime starting now!!!!!
If you sign up online or in-store by Jan 18th cost is $22.00.
Sign ups the day of the Event are $26.00

As an added bonus the Columbia location of Comics To Astonish will be holding the events at HomeSlyce Pizza Bar
just a few doors over. You will still sign up in store @ Comics To Astonish but we will be using the event room @ HomeSlyce Pizza Bar which will allow us to handle more players. HomeSlyce Pizza Bar is kind enough to offer players in our events $5 draft beers and $2.00 off all appetizers. 
Please note players may not bring their own food and drink to Homeslyce. Please purchase anything you want to eat/drink from them as they are allowing us to use the room. 

Just Follow this link:

Pre-Release Event Sign-Up

Online Sign ups end Friday April 26th at midnight. 

Sign up before all the spots are taken!!!! Once an event is filled you will no longer be able to sign up.

Both Comics To Astonish locations,  Columbia & Mt. Airy,  will be running 4 Magic The Gathering Pre-Release Sealed Deck events.

To be clear Signups each day start at 9:30 am & 1:30 pm each day for Events

Saturday 10:00 am (3 rounds) Both Columbia & Mt. Airy
Saturday 2:00 pm (3 rounds) Columbia & Mt. Airy 
Sunday 10:00 am (3 rounds) Columbia & Mt. Airy
Sunday 2:00 pm (3 rounds) Columbia & Mt. Airy

Sign ups start at 9:30 am Saturday and Sunday morning for 1st event
and 1:30 pm for the 2nd event both days.  

Prize breakdown will be decided by the tournament organizer running the events. 

For each sealed Deck Event each player will receive all the Magic cards you need for the tournament.  

For each event 2 packs per player will be added to the prize pool.

Prize distribution will be decided by Employee on duty and will depend on how many players as to how far the prizes go down and how many packs are assigned to each winner.  

War Of The Spark Booster boxes will be available for pre-order. Cost is $99.99 and we will have a Buy It By the Box promo card while supplies last.  You can pre-order at either Columbia or Mt. Airy or follow this link:

War of the Spark Booster Boxes

Pre-orders must be paid in full and offer ends when Buy It By the Box promos run out. 

Also available is pre-orders on War Of The Spark Bundles. Cost is $39.99.  You can pre-order at either Columbia or Mt. Airy or follow this link:

War Of The Spark Bundles

Event Schedule for both Saturday & Sunday

9:30-10:00 AMSign Ups
10:00-10:30 AMDeck Building
10:30-11:15 AMRound 1
11:20-12:25 PMRound 2
12:30-1:15 PMRound 3
1:30-2:00 PMPrize Distribution and Sign ups for next event
2:00-2:30 PMDeck Building
2:30 – 3:15 PMRound 1
3:20 – 4:25 PMRound 2
4:30PM  – 5:15 PMRound 3
5:30PM – 6:00 PMPrize Distribution

Any questions email Keegan at comics2u@aol.com